What is Pre Shower Makeup? Benefits of Makeup

What is Pre Shower Makeup?

You’ve heard of pre-workout routines? Well, there’s a new trend called pre-shower makeup! It’s where you put on makeup like eyeshadow, eyeliner, or lipstick, right before you shower…and then just wash it all off.

So why do it? Pre-shower makeup is about playing with makeup for fun, without any pressure. It’s like a practice round where you can try crazy colors, dramatic styles, or new techniques. Since you’re washing it all off anyway, you don’t have to worry about messing up or making it look perfect. It’s all about having fun and experimenting!

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Benefits of Pre-Shower Makeup

Enhances Natural Look

Pre-shower makeup aims to enhance one’s natural beauty without looking overly done. Applying makeup before showering, allows the products to settle into the skin, giving a more seamless and natural finish.

Saves Time

One of the key advantages of pre-shower makeup is its time-saving aspect. By completing the makeup routine before showering, individuals can streamline their beauty regimen, making it more efficient and less time-consuming.

Simplifies Skincare Routine

Pre-shower makeup often incorporates skincare steps such as cleansing, moisturizing, and priming before applying makeup. This integrated approach not only saves time but also simplifies the skincare routine by combining it with makeup application. Discover more about How to store makeup brushes

How to Do Pre-Shower Makeup?


Before you step into the shower, let’s get your skin ready for some makeup magic! Start by giving your face a nice cleanse. Choose a gentle cleanser that suits your skin type to wash away any dirt, oil, or lingering makeup residue. Think of it as giving your canvas a fresh, clean start!


Keep your skin hydrated and glowing by slathering on a lightweight moisturizer. Not only does it quench your skin’s thirst, but it also sets the stage for flawless makeup application. Smooth, supple skin? Yes, please!

Primer Application

Get your makeup game on point with this essential step: primer! Think of it as your secret weapon for a flawless look that lasts all day. Just smooth on a thin layer before your foundation or tinted moisturizer, and watch as it locks in your makeup while creating the perfect canvas for a radiant finish. It’s like giving your skin a fresh start every morning!

Light Makeup Application

Let’s keep it easy-breezy with a light makeup routine that’s all about enhancing your natural beauty! Start by swiping on some tinted moisturizer or BB cream for a fresh-faced glow. Next, amp up those lashes with a coat or two of mascara to make your eyes pop. Finish off with a swipe of your favorite lip balm for a touch of color and hydration. Voila! You’re ready to take on the day with a radiant and effortless look.

How to Do Pre-Shower Makeup?
How to Do Pre-Shower Makeup?

Products for Pre-Shower Makeup

Get ready to glow before you even step into the shower! Here’s your lineup of must-have products for that pre-shower makeup magic:

  • Start with a gentle cleanser that suits your skin type to get that canvas clean and fresh. Then, lock in some lightweight hydration with a moisturizer that won’t weigh you down.
  • Next up, it’s primer time! Smooth on some primer to keep your makeup looking flawless and lasting longer, creating the perfect base for your pre-shower glam.
  • For a touch of coverage without feeling heavy, reach for a tinted moisturizer or BB cream. It’ll give you that natural, effortless glow while letting your skin breathe.
  • Don’t forget those lashes! Swipe on some water-resistant mascara to define and lengthen for a fluttery finish that won’t budge, even in the steam.
  • And last but not least, keep those lips luscious with a hydrating lip balm. Soft, smooth lips are always in style, whether you’re rocking a full face or going au naturel.

With these essentials in your pre-shower routine, you’ll be glowing from head to toe in no time! Read more about makeup Can You Use Eyeliner as Eyeshadow

Tips for Pre-Shower Makeup

Pre-Shower Makeup Tips: Keepin’ it Fresh

Keep it Light

Don’t weigh down your face with heavy makeup. Go for those light, breezy formulas for a more natural vibe.

Focus on Skincare

Pamper your skin even before stepping into the shower. Treat it with some love and care to get that perfect canvas for makeup.

Use Water-Resistant Products

Stay flawless no matter what with makeup that can handle a little moisture. Opt for water-resistant goodies to keep your look intact, rain or shine.

Avoid Heavy Makeup

Who needs a makeup mask? Skip the heavy stuff that feels like a burden and let your skin breathe easy.

Tips for Pre-Shower Makeup
Tips for Pre-Shower Makeup

Common Mistakes to Avoid

Overloading Products

Hey there! So, here’s the scoop: piling on too many products can bog down your skin. And let’s be real, nobody wants that cakey or overly done look, right? Keep it light, keep it minimal. Your skin will thank you!

Using Waterproof Makeup

Okay, let’s talk waterproof makeup. Sure, it sounds like a dream, especially on those days when you need your makeup to stay put. But here’s the deal: it can be a pain to remove, and that irritation or those pesky breakouts? No thanks! Instead, consider going for water-resistant products. They give you that staying power without all the drama. Trust me, your skin will appreciate the break!

Skipping Skincare Steps

Skipping skincare steps such as cleansing and moisturizing can lead to dull, uneven-looking skin. Always prep the skin before applying makeup.

Pre-Shower Makeup Routine for Different Skin Types

Normal Skin

Got that lucky normal skin? Lucky you! Keep things light and breezy with a touch of moisturizer and primer before diving into your makeup routine. Minimalism is the name of the game here.

Dry Skin

Dry skin? No problemo! Give it the hydration it craves with a rich, creamy moisturizer. Opt for makeup formulas that are equally creamy to keep flakiness at bay. You’ll be glowing like a moisturized goddess in no time.

Oily Skin

Oily skin, meet your match! Keep the shine under control with oil-free moisturizers and makeup products that promise a matte finish. Say goodbye to that midday oil slick and hello to a flawless complexion.

Combination Skin

Ah, the joys of combination skin! Treat different areas of your face with targeted skincare goodies, and when it comes to makeup, find products that can handle both the dry and oily zones. It’s all about balance, baby! Get more about makeup How to Clean Cream Makeup Products

Pre-Shower Makeup for Different Occasions

Everyday Look

Alright, let’s talk about your everyday makeup vibe. Keep it chill and effortless, ya know? Just stick to the basics for a fresh and easy-breezy look.

Office or Work Makeup

So, you’re heading to the office? Time to keep it professional but still cute. Think neutral shades and lightweight stuff that can handle those long work hours without melting off your face.

Date Night Makeup

Ooh la la, it’s date night! Time to turn up the glam a notch. You still wanna look like yourself but with a bit of extra pizzazz. Think sultry without going overboard. Also, read about the type of makeup and How to Apply Liquid Foundation for a Flawless Finish

Party Makeup

Woo, party time! Let’s get wild with the makeup. Shimmer, glitter, bold lips – you name it! It’s your chance to shine and show off your personality with some seriously eye-catching looks.

Pre-Shower Makeup for Different Occasions
Pre-Shower Makeup for Different Occasions

Pre-Shower Makeup for Different Seasons


Alright, picture this: it’s scorching hot outside, and you’re sweating bullets. Sounds familiar, right? Well, in those steamy summer months, your makeup needs to be as light as a feather and tough as nails. Reach for those lightweight, water-resistant products that won’t budge even in the face of sweat and humidity.


When the chilly winds start nipping at your nose, it’s time to give your skin some extra TLC. Swap out your usual makeup routine for hydrating skincare and creamy formulas that’ll keep dryness and flakiness at bay. It’s all about staying moisturized and glowing, even when the weather outside is frightful.


Rain, rain, go away… or at least let my makeup stay! During the monsoon season, you’ll want to arm yourself with water-resistant makeup that can handle a sudden downpour. Opt for mattifying formulas to keep your makeup from smudging or melting away in the rain. Stay fierce and flawless, rain or shine!

Pre-Shower Makeup for Traveling

Essentials to Pack

Hey there, jet-setter! When you’re off on your adventures, don’t forget to toss in travel-sized versions of your beloved skincare and makeup products. It’s the secret sauce to keeping that glow intact while you’re on the move.

Pre-Shower Makeup for Traveling
Pre-Shower Makeup for Traveling

Quick Routine

Alright, let’s talk strategy. When you’re globe-trotting, simplicity is your best buddy. Focus on the MVPs of your makeup bag, the ones that can pull double or even triple duty. They’ll save you precious space in your suitcase and time in your morning routine.


Pre-shower makeup offers a convenient and time-saving approach to beauty routines, allowing individuals to enhance their natural features with minimal effort. By following a simple pre-shower makeup routine and using lightweight products, anyone can achieve a fresh and natural look that lasts throughout the day.


Can pre-shower makeup replace regular makeup routines?

Pre-shower makeup can be a convenient alternative for those looking to streamline their beauty routines, but it may not replace traditional makeup for every occasion.

Is pre-shower makeup suitable for all skin types?

Pre-shower makeup can be adapted to suit different skin types by selecting appropriate skincare and makeup products tailored to individual needs.

How long does pre-shower makeup last?

The longevity of pre-shower makeup depends on factors such as the type of products used, environmental conditions, and individual skin characteristics. Generally, it can last several hours before requiring touch-ups.

Can pre-shower makeup be worn every day?

Yes, pre-shower makeup can be worn daily as part of a regular beauty routine. However, it’s essential to give your skin breaks from makeup occasionally to allow it to breathe and rejuvenate.

What are some quick pre-shower makeup tips for busy mornings?

Opt for multi-purpose products, such as tinted moisturizers with SPF, to streamline your routine. Focus on enhancing key features like brows and lashes for a polished look in minimal time.

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